Best Tattoo Ideas For Tattoo Lovers

Getting a tattoo is cool stuff for some people, for some, it’s a way to express themselves to the society, some people carry a meaning behind their tattoo that only they know about. So I would say it’s no easy thing to understand the meaning of the real tattoo, as it’s not just ink design it the way a person expresses himself to the world.

Tattoos are being used to show who they are for years now and will be using it like that almost forever as the body is the only thing that will not get lost. It’s going to stay with you as long as you are alive and will be there with you till you die.

Many people use tattoos to look cool and for fashions which is cool because everyone has their own opinions on how to use them. Many people don’t even like the thought of using the ink on Their body, they think why anyone wants to destroy the gift that God gave us. Thus, tattoo machines were available only for some professionals, you can now even buy tattoo machines for personal use too in cheap. Which is okay for them as they also have the right to choose what path and what teaching they going to follow or believe.

While many people getting tattoos all over their body to how the art, dedication, and love for each other and for humanity with their tattoos. It is not fixed that there is a style like I said unlike any other things like fashion, hair, clothing, accessories, and etc. You cannot judge art by the trend, as it is what the person makes it, art revolves around the person’s thoughts and came out the way he wanted not the way others want. Tattoos are just like that it’s an art revolves around the person’s thoughts and takes shape how he wants it.

So we can’t give you the best ideas bit we can give you some tips and ideas that you can choose and make them your own to work with.


First, let’s talk about hands tattoo designs, well if you are getting a design on your hand means you need to make sure that you get limited or full of the design. In hand designer tattoo people either go for full hand printing or the minimum hand printing design. Which is the right way to go when you are trying to get a tattoo on your hand? So first decide where you want to get that tattoo, there are designs that look good on your forearm, the designs that look good on your fist, the designs that only look good on your upper arm part the biceps part. So choose first where you want it, the part also depends on what you want if you want to get just a name or small tattoo the first works the best.

If you want to get a medium tattoo like a design or a dragon or something like that you should use your forearms.

While if you want a big tattoo on your hands then the biceps part is the best way, there you can get like a face printed or show your culture or dedicate some art to show respect to someone.

These are the basic things and ideas you should know while getting a tattoo on hands. Now talking about the big picture some people like to show their beauty with a stylish tattoo.

Private parts

You can see the girls getting tattoos on their ass and on their breasts and private parts. To enhance the beauty of their body and make them look more good and great. Those are in fashion too when you see the tattoo on the bread and on the private parts you will usually see. That the things used in that area are not very big but just medium-size or small size tattoos which shows a little not too much. The most famous and trendy tattoos in the private parts you will see are the diamonds, the heart, the star, and the stylish fonts. They write their partner’s name, their own name or some quote of meaning full text there too. So yeah getting your private parts tattooed is definitely on the trend and many people are doing that.

Back and chest

When you talk about getting big tattoos you should really go for your chest and back area where the artist also can work easily and can get you the best result of your imagination. Being creative and stylish often leads to the best tattoos design ever. If you think your body’s canvas and you want to make a masterpiece then there is no other great place then your chest area and your back as it gives you the best space for your design.

There are many famous and stylish Designs for back and chest you can choose for or get your own imagination running.


Legs are also a great way but most people don’t use this part to show their tattoos. The area of legs usually used my girls to get fashionable tattoos on their thighs for best beach style body.

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