How to plan a packing list for one bag travel

If you plan to one day trip to any hill station or any vocational spot, then it is a list to help you pack your bag for a one day trip.

Firstly you need to carry a proper bag for your trip because you cannot take a full-fledged suitcase due to its high boot space and it will cause you trouble getting around. You can always get a trekking bag or a laptop bag for one day because they have a minimal amount of boot space, which is enough for a one-day journey, and It also comes with laptop sleeves.

So here’s a list of items you are going to need for a one day trip.

The most prominent and necessary things everyone should have on the trip cause there are places where you do not get any medical support. You might need some medicine or even a bandage, so it will help carry a small first aid kit with you.

You should carry your daily essentials because nobody knows when the one day trip can convert into a two-day trip or a more extended trip.

You should always carry your hygiene items, which can help you stay longer and comfortable.

A proper directional instrument is a must, such as a compass when traveling to hilly and natural areas such as a forest. There is a rare chance to get signals in hilly areas or high tree dense areas, so you should always carry a compass for a proper directional view of your trekking or trip.


The other thing you should carry while going on a trip that will last one day is the second pair of cloth because you don’t know when you might need a second pair of materials. According to research, it is mentioned that people often forget to carry a second piece of dress, which they need in their future scenarios.

You should carry a second pair of footwear because it is needed and you don’t know when your current footwear goes out or even gets lost.

If you are going on a one day trip to any hill station and you are using your phone, so we suggest you get a power bank which should be charged, and that power Bank can help you power your various devices such as your headphones and your mobile phone.

The next thing is you should always have an itinerary, and you should always give one to your close friend, so in case of emergencies, they can always contact you.

Now lastly you should always carry zip-lock bags which store various instruments and personal items. These bags are waterproof and more comfortable to use inside water.

These were some things you might want to consider taking while you are going on a one day trip, and they include all kinds of trips such as trekking or a business trip.


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