Five Cool Games You Can Teach Your Dog

All pet owners will agree, spending time with your pets playing games has to be the definition of quality time. Your furry buddies require a requisite amount of exercise on a daily basis to be healthy both physically and emotionally. Playing games with your pets can be a good form of exercise for you too. Here are some cool ideas you can try out with your pet.

Different games are suitable for different age group of dogs, it is advisable to not expose senior dogs to strenuous activities or the ones who have been diagnosed with joint ailments or arthritis. It is also a good idea to take it slow even with younger dogs and slowly increase the strenuousness. Make sure to keep lot of treats handy to reward those good boys and girls after a day of play.

Tug of War

Dogs are fond of tugging and it can be an excellent way to engage your dogs, there are certain myths like letting your dog tug can make it aggressive and if you let them win they might get domineering but that isn’t the case, dogs just see it as a playful thing and having spending a good time with their human friends.

It helps to buy a tug toy according to the size and breed of your dog. The only ground rule to this game is the game stops if they bite or touch your skin with their teeth. It might take a bit to get this routine accustomed to your pet but eventually they will note the pattern and your pet will learn a valuable lesson, that biting is ending of play time.Also reward them with treats when they let go off the toy on your command.

Make sure to clean the tug toy once in a while


Throwing the frisbee has to be one of the most classic games that you can play with your dog. Most dogs love to fetch and it is a great form of exercise for dogs with pent up energy. But like it was mentioned before, start slow and gradually increase your dog’s interest. You should also consider using a softer frisbee instead of plastic ones which can hurt your dog. At first throw the frisbee over to a short distance or roll it on the ground, as your dog gains more interest try to throw it over greater distance. When they do fetch the frisbee and bring it back to you make sure to reward them with treats.

Water Games

Water games are an especially fun way to enjoy the summer with your pet. You can go about it in different ways, you can take your pet to the beach or dog water park and play fetch with them in the water or you can even play with them in the water in a kid pool in your backyard. Most dogs love to splash water and its a great way to cool down in the summer.

If you are taking your dog to some water body make sure to make them wear a life jacket for safety even if you know your dog to be a good swimmer. I know, managing your dog in the water can be extremely hard, but using a device like Barx Buddy can really help with this one.

Hide Seek

Hide seek is a game in which dogs can employ their scent tracking superpowers, it is also a fun game that you can be a part of. Hiding in clever spots and having your pet track you down is a past time you can enjoy for hours. Do make sure to not play hide seek in areas where your dog would be in any kind of danger from being unsupervised. It helps to have someone else around with your pet while you hide.

Catch the bubbles

Another super easy game to play with your dog is to have them catch bubbles. It’s an engaging game which is sure to amuse your pet. It might take a bit of training to get them started. You can start by blowing a bubble or two and then point at them to encourage your dog to catch them. You can also show them that catching the bubble is completely harmless.

It is advisable to use non toxic bubble formula as your dog is likely to ingest some amount when chasing. At the end of playing, make sure to wash off their face to ensure no bubble residue is left which can later on irritate their eyes.…

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