7 Reasons Cycling Is Good For You

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It’s nice to see that the perception around cycling has changed over the years. Not too long ago, it was seen as this almost niche thing practised by fitness freaks, upper-middle class members, and teenage/young people. I suppose we are in that “Bike boom” period, occurring historically, in which bicycle sale and usage are at its peak. Also make sure that you track the amount of cycling you do in order to achieve your goals. Don’t worry, buying a fitness tracker won’t create any dent in your pocket these days. You can get features-loaded fitness band as low as 2000.

For one thing, bike rental services have improved vastly, probably due to them providing quality service to the customers. Anyway, the popularity of cycling is a good thing because beyond just being a leisure sport, it has many other benefits too. Here are 7 Reasons why Cycling is good for you.

1. It Will Help You Sleep Soundly

Some of you have office jobs that require you to spend hours in front of computers, doing paperwork, and whatnot. These desk bound jobs make your body inactive even though you are doing something productive. It adversely affects your body leading to diseases like Insomnia. Thanks to the Stanford University School of Medicine researchers, it’s now a research proven knowledge that cycling helps you achieve better sleep. People with hectic workstyle who cycled 20-30 minutes a day, fell asleep 30 minutes earlier and slept 1 hour more from their usual times.

2. Good For Your Brain-power

Yes, Cycling can increase your brain power. It won’t turn you into a genius overnight, but it’s been research proven that cycling can sharpen your memory and learning abilities. It’s a much better option than to rely on Nootropic supplements, which may be beneficial, but they come with a disadvantage of having side effects.

Cycling is devoid of any side effects, and it’s very much advisable to do it on a regular basis than rely on medicines for your brain health. Whoever you are, student, housewife, office worker, start cycling for great memory power.

3. Cheaper Way of Transportation

Fuel prices are at an all time high now. And it’s only gonna get worse moving forward. It would really appropriate for you to find an alternate means of transport before there comes a situation where you can’t get your cars or motorbikes on the road. And what better alternative than bicycles! They are healthy, safe, flexible compared to other modes of transport, and you don’t have to worry about fuel prices or the air pollution your motor vehicle was causing. Let’s see some stats to give you a better idea: The annual cost of cycling ranges from $190 to $350. Compare that to the cost of driving a car, which ranges from $2700 to $9550. These stats paint a very clear picture of cycling as a cheaper means of transport.

4. Fills Your Mind With Positive Thoughts

According to the Mental Health Foundation UK, Cycling influences the release and uptake of chemicals in your brain that’s responsible for positive thoughts. It’s such a stress-free, easy-to-do activity that while doing it, your mind achieves serene calmness. Suddenly your focus improves, and all the tension and stress of the world take a back seat while you enjoy a great ride full of positivity. This positivity doesn’t just vanish as soon as you finish riding your bike, it stays with you as you move forward through the rest of your day, filled with hectic work, deadlines, personal problems, and whatnot. A little positivity is something that you could always use in your day-to-day life.

5. Increases Your Longevity

A detailed study conducted in Norway followed a group of men aging between 70 to 90 and found out that 30 minutes of physical exercise– which includes cycling– has resulted in them living 5 more years. You don’t need to hit the gym and do all the complex, long workouts when you have an easier and highly effective route in the form of cycling. With changing times, the lifespans of humans are also decreasing. People are not able to keep up a healthy lifestyle. They are succumbing to diseases early in their lives. Be an outlier by starting cycling, as it will keep you healthy and thus increases your lifespan.

6. Help You Lose Weight

Are you looking for an effective way to successfully lose weight other than the gym? Then cycling is definitely an option you should try out. Now some of you may think that you have to go really hard to achieve this. But you don’t always need to go hard in order to get a result. Just take a slow, but long ride once a week. Long rides will help you burn a lot of fat. It will also help develop your biceps and recover from hamstrings.

7. Improves Your Cardiovascular Health

Having heart disease is like walking with a ticking time bomb in your pocket. You don’t want that kind of tension in your life. So to avoid it, choose cycling as it is very beneficial for your cardiovascular health.

Cycling will strengthen your heart muscles and take care of your resting pulse. A study conducted in Denmark over 14 years with 30,000 people aged 21 to 90 years found that regular cycling shielded people from heart disease.


Cycling is both an incredible leisure activity and a fruitful exercise method that people need to introduce in their lives. Give 30 minutes of your day to it, do it regularly, and you will nothing but benefited from it.

The fact that it’s rising in popularity is very refreshing. Now let’s just hope not only it stays that way, but grows even more popular.

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